About Mainspring Craft Coffee Co

Mainspring Craft Coffee Co was born out of the love of all watches and coffee. It started with the watches. Coffee came next and became an addiction quickly. Taste buds were formed for so many styles, roasts, and flavors. How could a small berry become such a manipulated asset for us to enjoy? Then came the research about extraction, roasting, region awareness, etc. Each individual berry being so simple becomes so complex throughout  its life. Obsession grew like most hobbies do and coffee was produced, but with a unique twist complimenting each individual roast with a linage of timepieces

Where Our Beans Come From

Our hand  picked beans come from all around the globe. Beans are imported to  the wine dominated city of Temecula, which has secret roasting artisans standing in the shadows of the award winning wine industry.  We found they were hiding a gem in the coffee roasting business. Our exceptional beans are transformed into some of the finest roasted beans. Silky sweet caramel medium roasts to 6 bean dark roast blends. Our beans have been hand picked and tried in multiple brew variations to have the abilities to work with so many configurations. Bringing this fine coffee to you was our duty.